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“The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love.”

~Dolores Cannon


Reasons for a Session

  • Receive clarity on your life's purpose.

  • To uncover the root causes of physical discomforts.

  •  Ready to heal physically & emotionally.

  • Support for PTSD, survivor's guilt, and similar experiences.

  • Explore other lives your soul has lived on this earth or beyond.

  • Learn about anything in the Universe, literally!

Outdoor Meditation

The Technique

Dolores Cannon developed QHHT for over 40 years, during her work as a hypnotherapist. It has since grown into a global technique. Certified practitioners, like me, strictly follow her method. A practitioner induces a client into the somnambulistic state with voice and visualization. Dolores discovered that in this state clients would go to places beyond their known physical experience. They would access universal wisdom beyond their conscious mind. Many even experience physical healing while in this induced state. QHHT is not limited to any religious, cultural, or intellectual belief system. 

To learn more about Dolores Cannon and QHHT you can also visit:

Past Life Regression & Beyond

Regression & S.C.

Regression into a memory of this life, or a "past life" is the first phase of a session. Yes....regressing to a life your soul has lived before incarnating in this current body! This means parallel lives, universalized lives, and future possibilities. Everyone goes to the most appropriate time and place. Your Higher Self knows what they can handle, and what they need. In a session, we may visit one to three soul experiences during this first phase. 

The Super-Conscious (S.C.)

This is the second phase of a QHHT session. I draw forth the super-conscious mind (S.C). It is in relationship with your Higher Self. This is not the subconscious mind that science and psychologists reference. It is way beyond such limitations. Thus, it can offer valuable advice and insight into our individual, and collective, experience. No matter what you want to call it, you can access it for your answers in the second phase. Actually, it is always accessible to you. 

Healing Potental

Physical Support  Potential

The Super-Conscious will identify any discomforts it detects in the physical body. This usually has an emotional root. It will give the causes, often from this life and a past life.

A practitioner always asks permission for healing-type support to occur. Sometimes there is more we need to learn from our discomforts.

Often the simple act of identifying a dis-ease is enough to shift it out of the body. However, the Super-Conscious will pull energy from Source for further support. Prompted by the practitioner, it will explain in detail how it is adjusting the body. 

The second phase of a session always involves a body scan. It will offer advice on nutrition, mindful awareness, and whatever the client is ready to hear. It is up to the individual afterward to enact any information that is shared. 

It is important to note, physical support will only take place if the client is sincerely ready and willing. The Super-Conscious will only guide us in the most appropriate way. There are no guarantees. Anything is possible as long, as we believe. 



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