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Triggers: Unconscious Assumptions

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Re-patterning is a key aspect of my work. A recent client was told by her Higher Self (the S.C.) that she “assumes” too much. It meant she makes decisions through the bubble of her patterned assumptions. This could be trauma, memorably unhappy experiences, and more. These patterns nourish triggers. The triggers interfere with our daily choices and relationships. I know I could relate. How about you?

The S.C. went further…the assumption patterns are beyond this current timeline in her cells. That's why we don't always understand our triggers. The S.C. said they appear as a bubble of reality around the head, clouding one’s presence. The bubble arises from generational cellular memory, soul memory, and collective conscious. We don't realize we walk in it every day.

Who could possibly escape all of that? Unless you live in a cave, you likely won’t.

One of my influences, Sri Aurobindo, referred to these as “habits”. He felt it is not our role to escape them, but to integrate. They naturally exist. Some of the work we have in this life is to be aware of this reality bubble whilst living within it. Sri Aurobindo always felt it was not our role to transcend and escape our humanity. Rather, to raise the human experience over time.

Hypnosis practices, and similar modalities, offer an opportunity to do just this. We are pushed beyond our comfort zone while relaxed. We have a chance to see ourselves beyond the bubble. While acute moments in session afford us some relief, it is a lifetime practice to be aware of the bubble we create. The more we can practice awareness, the less influence collectively all these assumptions will have.

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