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Session Preparation & Reflection

Preparing for a Session

The Higher Self, the SC, knows everything about you. It will only share what is appropriate at this time, in a way you can digest the information. It is compassionate and loving in a session. Meditation focused on relaxing areas of tension in the body, or exercises to "silence the mind" can help. 

In weeks leading to your session, write down any questions you wish to ask. We will try to address all your health, life purpose, relationship, trauma and emotional support questions in our session. We will use the first part of our session to discuss your life and these questions. It is important I get to know you, so I may safely support you with the greatest understanding. 

Try to wear comfortable clothes that you can rest in. You will be lying back in a comfy gravity chair with an optional blanket to cover with. Make sure to eat a good meal and bring light snacks as we may be in session 4-6 hours. You will be taking a bathroom break before the hypnosis. Please abstain from any mind-altering substances beyond prescribed medications or herbs beforehand. 

About Your Session

The first phase is a transpersonal regression. You may go to other soul experiences beyond your present body. You may also revisit old or forgotten memories in great detail.We always ask the lesson and purpose in what you are shown. 

After this, I facilitate dialogue with the Higher Self (S.C.). This is when a majority of your questions get answered. I also request a body scan from the S.C. to address your health concerns. We always ask if healing is appropriate to occur before asking for healing in a session. Often understanding the sources of discomforts is enough to start alleviating.  

I then safely draw you back out of the hypnotic state, back into the present day and time. We will discuss your session and you can take home the recording. 

After Your Session

Your session is audio-recorded and you are given a copy to take home. Though you are consciously aware in your body, you are unlikely to recall everything shared through your voice in a session. This recording is important for the changes you may wish to enact in your life. 

This is strictly a private session with full confidentiality, no exceptions. Loved ones must remain outside of the space. This is important, in order for you to feel comfortable and safe. You are welcome to share the recording and any memories with them afterward. This is your session. 

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