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Transcend your conscious mind, open your heart, and discover a new purpose.
Restructure old patterns of Self.

I can help you

A session of discussing your questions & transpersonal hypnosis may last about 4-7 hours. 

The more you can trust and share,

the more profound your experience.   

Every life has a lesson and a purpose.

I bypass your conscious mind to ask your Higher Self, and other aspects of Self, all your questions.

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We explore the roots of physical discomforts, the emotions holding you back. 

Trauma memories can be safely explored and hopefully released.

Curiosities about the Universe, current events, and loved ones can also be explored.

Everyone has the most appropriate experience! 

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About Rachel Marie


I am based in Durango, Colorado.  I have trained under humble teachers and healers since 2010. I am a Level 2 practitioner of QHHT®. (Beyond hypnosis, I am a bookkeeper for small businesses and non-profits.)  


My own life has been a humbling journey of restructuring old patterns to develop self-empowerment. I am here to guide you with compassion, whatever your journey may be. My tenacity to live a "life divine" has shaped my practice. Ultimately, it's our own journey, and we never know where the Divine will take us. 


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My session with Rachel’s guidance was one of the most healing journeys I’ve ever experienced. Like many, I’ve had some trauma in my life that left me feeling empty and anxious. This session helped me to find closure, explore deeper meanings of situations, and experience a peace within myself that has been absent for many years.

Even if your not experiencing symptoms of ptsd, I would highly recommend a session to explore your mind, and endless possibilities of knowledge within yourself. 

Rachel does an excellent job of guiding you to always feel in a safe space and well taken care of as she directs you through your journey.

~ N. E. in Durango, CO

Book Your Session Today!
Initial Sessions: $300: $75 as deposit & $225 at session
(Follow-Up & Special pricing available by request)

Location: 755 E. 2nd Ave. Unit J Durango, CO 81301
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