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Remote Sessions of Healing Hypnosis


Structure of Remote Sessions

Outdoor Meditation

This hypnosis is slightly different from QHHT® in format. It requires a very stable internet connection, video and microphone capability. Once scheduled, I will send a Zoom link to your email. We may have a brief call scheduled prior to appointment for introductions. For the session, you will need a very quiet space for three hours with no disruptions. The initial part will be dialogue, and the rest the hypnosis regression. 

Client Responsibilities for Remote Sessions

Please plan on no disruptions for the duration of the session. You will have a bathroom break before we begin hypnosis. You can tell me if you need to go during the session. It will help you relax deeper. Have a comfortable bed, couch, or adjustable chair for the hypnosis portion. You must be able to have the computer in close proximity. 

Practitioner Responsibilities

Regression & S.C.

I will be on video and audio with you. The session will be recorded starting after the induction process. If oyu want any part of the interview on record, we ca arrange that. I will be visually checking the depth of your hypnosis during the session. Hence, video is important. I will announce if we need to pause for any reason. You will receive either video or just audio of your session afterward. 

Contact Info
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