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Frequently Asked Questions about Sessions

Will I remember anything while under hypnosis? 

Most clients recall many aspects of their session. You are semi-conscious while hypnotized. After all, it is just a very deep state of relaxation. The recording will help you recall specific details. 

I don't know if I can be hypnotized, what if it doesn't work?  

Anyone can be hypnotized. We get in our own way. If you think you cannot, then you will not. This is a "power of the mind" situation. Trust me, and trust your Self. Don't try to know what to expect. 


Can I have caffeine or medications before a session?

It is advised that you minimize caffeine and mind-altering substances before a session. We want a clear channel with your Higher Self. Please take any standard medications you need. 

What if nothing happens, or I don't go anywhere?

Chances are, you are worrying and over-thinking. This can sometimes cause us to block an experience from occurring. Don't force it, just relax and allow. Sometimes clients will go into darkness, but I will navigate that space with you to find light. 

Is it okay to cry during my session?

Emotional expressions are invited. It is a sign of deep cellular release, that can bring long-lasting relief. It is not unusual.

What if I need to go to the restroom during my session?

Speak up in a session if you need to use the restroom. I will gently guide you up so you can go. It will help you relax deeper anyway. Then I will guide you gently back under.

Is everything in my session real, or did I make it up?

The soul is a complex aspect, and reality is malleable. So, take away what feels like Truth. Leave what doesn't resonate for a later reflection. Nothing is necessarily made up, and it all serves a purpose for your personal growth. The Higher Self always gives you what you need to see and hear in a session, in a way you can receive. 

How often should I listen to my recording?

Ideally listen in full within a week after your session. You can listen to parts or the whenever you like. For continual support, try to listen once a week to parts that feel relevant for a few months (at least) after your session. Allow the frequencies to reach your cells and the subconscious. 

Can anyone else listen to my recording?

Please listen alone to your recording the first time. There may be sensitive parts you do not recall. You are then welcome to let a loved one listen to parts of it with you. 


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