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We hold the power to heal and know our Selves, and our interconnection in the Web of Life. 

I believe the human body is a complex structure of habits from our family, our culture, and our soul journey. My life' purpose is seeding growth in the balance of trauma and self-empowerment. I've been on this journey consciously since 2010. Currently, I live in Durango, CO. 

In 2010, I graduated university with a B.S in Agro-ecology. The Appalachian mountains were my home. I further immersed in traditional herbalism, midwifery, hands-on energy healing, and (of all things) bookkeeping. I've worked with remote indigenous tribes for years that have an unbroken lifestyle with Mother Earth. With them, I relearned seeing the world as an integrated living organism, everything having a language we can learn to interpret. I've also owned a business, and helped others develop their visions. If we stay open to the paths the Divine lays before us, we can experience so many things. 

In 2015, I received my first QHHT session with Holly Duckworth in Durango, Colorado. It was an empowering moment. I will never forget that first feeling of hypnosis. Now I've been under numerous times, every single one unique. My spiritual base and healing journey had prepared me well. I soon began studying the works of Dolores Cannon. These works were chocolate ice cream for my soul! 

As of 2019, I knew it was time to nurture my true nature as a Healer. Beyond QHHT, I am an accountant for small businesses and non-profits. It is a fulfilling and practical way to support the tangible visions of others. Of course, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing both!  So, I opened my heart to training in QHHT.  I am humbled to help many more in their recovery of Self, and interconnection with All That Is.  

To learn more about my other wild life experiences that led to QHHT, please stay tuned to my blog. 


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