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"Past Lives" versus "Soul Experiences"

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The notion of "past lives" is seeping into the mainstream. Past Life regression has been around for decades as a practice, at least. My guess, however, is that for many this notion still carries a stigma. Since I work with clients from any background, I prefer the notion of "soul experiences". It's proven more inviting. Our choice of words influences the access of consciousness.

Here's a few reasons I use the words "soul experiences":

  • Past Lives and after-life beliefs: In my worldview, if all is born of energy, then we simply take new forms. But my goal is to build trust through openness. If a client believes in heaven after this life, then some aspect of their soul can experience heaven. If they want to reincarnate as a bird, then they can be a bird.

  • "Past" is in the past: When a client revisits a memory of their soul, it is happening right now. That's why I have to make sure they feel safe. It is registering in their senses and emotions. Their soul is always carrying the memory. Of course, I use key words involving "past" to calm the conscious mind toward the end of our sessions.

  • Soul-Inspired Imagery: Clients may also go to images and symbolisms that have a lesson and purpose for the soul. They trigger sensorial connections. Therefore, it may not be a "past life" experience at all. We discuss this when it seems to occur.

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