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Trauma and the QHHT Approach

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

This is a complex topic to address as a QHHT practitioner. Mainly because I see clients working through trauma from this life, and stored within their cellular memory. A session in QHHT creates a very safe and relaxed space for perspective and release. I've had clients revisit sexual trauma, intense deaths, acts of violence, and more without an emotionally charged reaction. Their conscious mind is relaxed enough to allow the cells to calmly relive and process the experiences from a Higher perspective. By getting out of the conscious program, they can see trauma as a Chapter, instead of an Identity.

Often, traumatic moments in our current life are linked to stored trauma in our cellular memory, reliving similar experiences. We will inadvertently create, or find, scenarios that trigger our nervous system in familiar ways. I've personally experienced this. It is a big reason I came to be a practitioner in QHHT. Perhaps what we carry over from another life presents as a troubling characteristic now. Our choice of career or relationship may be subtly influenced by stored trauma. There's so much to un-hatch here, so I'm just introducing the concepts. The trauma will keep popping up and triggering our system until we identify, acknowledge, forgive, and release. The last two can be the toughest. It requires a relatively "higher" self-awareness. I believe we have a responsibility to our health, and our relationships, to try.

In a session, clients will often cry when revisiting a deeply emotional moment. This is a great sign of deep release in the cellular memory. Even if they don't recall crying in the session, they often feel more relaxed. I am with a client the whole time, on the edge of my seat through the memories. I guide them in a safe way so that no harm is carried over. I also ask questions with them to gain perspective on the purpose, and what they should do now. In many cases, I encourage clients to still seek extra forms of ongoing support.

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