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Your Life Purpose Perception

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This is the #1 reason any of us consider a hypnosis session. Surely, we can find that golden ticket to our success. But it won’t be expressed the way you expect. Very rarely does the S.C act as a career counselor.

I find the S.C operates from the context of “who we are “, not “what we do”. Ideally, our actions are an expression of our authentic nature. A higher consciousness also naturally cannot relate to the concept of a "job". As a civilization, we barely even can post-covid. We are complex beings and can often change careers as we learn more about ourselves.

For example, if my purpose is to nurture new life, then I could be a parent or a gardener.

This is also a chance for a pep talk from our Higher Self. We are reminded of our gifts to this world. We could be expressing a concept in a unique way. Some people are incessant travelers because they are actually recording information in their cells for the greater good. Some may be called as dancers because they are able to inspire others through movement. Our ego is gently caressed in this chat about Purpose. It is a positive experience that you can revisit in your recording. But the S.C. will also tell us straight up if an opportunity is coming.

I had a client who in her session was told of a specific looking woman she would meet at a specific location in a couple weeks with a specific job opportunity that she should accept. Imagine my own shock when the client reported that this all came true! And she has been with that company for a few years, even during Covid. It’s fulfilled many of her passions.

So again, try not to have expectations about your hypnosis session. And don’t assume you know who you are, what you are doing Here.

The S.C. will playfully keep you guessing!

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